tap a gap is a hard to master, simple to play arcade game.

The task to close rings by tapping a gap seems to be an easy job... but as always in life, time is not your friend. Luckily there are three bonus modes made for help. Laser, Ray and Freeze might become handy the more you work out their strenghts for breaking top most highscores.

By time you will figure out new tricks like swiping to close neighboring gaps. Uhhh uuh, speaking of tricks. Here is a secret tip for everybody reading this text: Try sharing via twitter and Facebook, and take a look at that generated picture. It has a pro tip for you!

Inspired by an old game tap a gap shows how modern mobile gaming feels like. Create your highscore now!

Enough talking. Let's get to the facts.

  • One touch mechanics
  • Swipe controls
  • Endless game

  • Three bonus modes (laser, ray, freeze)
  • Bonus points when no rings on the field (background color indicates tier)

  • Generated pictures for social networks depending on last highscore
  • Sharing for pro tips

Interesting development.

  • Chris became a father during the development of tap a gap. Twice.
  • International: game was developed in many different places like living room, bath, in a car(standing in a garage), Germany, Denmark, USA, India...
  • tap a gap is inspired by an old game everybody knows.

  • Daniel learned to play piano for playing theme tune.. also based on an old folksong everybody knows.
  • Chris was listening to Three Investigators audiobooks most of programming time, Daniel is thanking 'Two Steps from Hell' for motivation and inspiration.

  • 9 month old baby girl got a highscore of 3142 points! True Story!

  • Read dozens of Books, PDFs, Blogs, Papers.. still the feeling there is so much left to learn..

Stuff. Just for you.

About Us

Who is this Knalleridee?

Code / Game Design / Marketing
Christian Büttner

Christian Büttner

GC: chris_knalleridee

Since he was 12 years old Chris dreamed of creating computer games. Decades later he finally co-founded Knalleridee and created his first game, tap a gap. In the meantime he studied computer science got a great job as software developer and got father of two little, cute girls. Besides programming he is fan of Borussia Dortmund. He tries some juggling and recently started practicing unresponsive yoyo tricks.

At Knalleridee he is responsible for coding, all technical stuff, game design, business development and marketing in other words all typical indie tasks. He loves to hear from you and to get in contact with everybody from games industry. From player to developer, press whatever.

Graphics / Game Design / Music
Daniel Schaffer

Daniel Schaffer

GC: daniel_knalleridee

Daniel, originally coming from the architecture industry, is responsible for art, game design and marketing at this firm full of nuts people. Further he brings joy for ears to our projects.
Feel free to contact him about anything. Especially a Mario Kart challenge is always welcome.

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